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Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

Just like yo' Irish mama used to make, and the brisket will melt in your mouth. Get a center cut of meat, not the 'point.' Super-tender and slices really nicely, just like butter. What little was leftover...

Author: Steven Moshlak

Classic Bangers and Mash

This is a delicious and irresistible recipe that everyone loves. It pairs creamy potatoes, crunchy onions, smooth gravy, and yummy sausages!!

Author: Amystar79

Irish Cream Ice Cream

I LOVE Irish cream ice cream, so when I got my own ice cream maker I went looking for a recipe to duplicate it. To my horror after an extensive search of the internet I could only fine one, and it was...

Author: Brandee Dent

Scotch Cake Cookies

These cookies are wonderful to have on the full moon. Try serving them with butter.

Author: ShadowSpirit


What's called "jelly" in America is called "jam" in England, and the English call the American's "gelatin", "jelly"! But, any way you slice it -- spread some fruit preserves over cake, top with a gelled...

Author: Andi

Corned Beef and Cabbage II

My mother has been making corned beef and cabbage this way for years. She has no idea where the recipe came from but it is absolutely the best. Easy and quick...Enjoy!


Pheasant Breast Stuffed with Apples in a Cider Vinegar and Prune Sauce

A different way to use pheasant! Serve the sliced pheasant breast with Scottish clapshot, a side dish of mashed turnips and potatoes.

Author: Grant

Minced Collops

A delicious way to stretch ground beef. This is a traditional Scottish recipe. It's quick and very easy, and my family loves it with mashed potatoes. The combination of beef and oatmeal sounds really weird...

Author: Chessiebomb

Irish Lassie's Liver and Onions

Handed down through the generations in my family. Even people who swear they hate liver and onions love this dish. Goes great with corn casserole and garlic mashed potatoes, or freshly sliced tomatoes...

Author: Brenda Kay Piper

Bean Rarebit

This is a lovely cheese sauce on toast. It was my mom's recipe. She used to make this when she had to feed a family of 9 with very few resources. However, I remember this as some of the best comfort food....

Author: Jennifer T

Corned Beef and Cabbage Casserole

A Ukrainian twist on an Irish classic! My Mother has made this for years, it's so creamy and delicious.

Author: laurie1981

English Cottage Pie

This is my version of a classic English cottage pie - the comforting dish that we all love! [Recipe originally submitted to Allrecipes.co.uk]

Author: Elaine

Bittersweet Chocolate and Stout Beer Ice Cream

This is a very rich, creamy and grown up frozen treat. It's simple to make and sure to impress your guests. For a true Irish treat, drizzle it with Irish cream just before serving.

Author: oldskooler68